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Learn with Mommy Richa

I help parents To Prepare their children for Kindergarten

I am a Mom and a trained Educator who is here to help you and your child to learn while having FUN


How Can I Help?

Is your child struggling with kindergarten readiness?

You worry that they are not getting the developmental milestones they need with their education and you need to act fast. 

In fact, if you need a homeschooling curriculum that is not app-based, fun, and cost-effective, follow me and let me help you.

Please don’t take our word for it, hear what customers have to say!

Extremely satisfied

My students love doing these and get so bummed when I forget to print some off for the day!
Justine R.

Extremely satisfied

Laminated these and used them with wipe-off markers for early finisher activities. Love these!
Kim C.

Who is Richa?

I create educational solutions that help parents during the formative years of their child’s development. 

Why do we worry so much about a young child?

The name says it all FORMATIVE YEARS.

 Yes, when a child is young, they are forming and developing and they can be molded easily, whereas when they grow up, they have already been designed, and it is difficult to get them to change.

it would help if you had resources that are not app-based, fun to use, and cost-effective, follow me and let me help you.