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20 Action Verbs Flashcards for Children: Empower Learning Through Play

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Action verbs

In this blog post, we take kindergarteners on a fun journey to investigate action verbs—verbs that not only describe what we do, but also give our stories life. We’ll delve into a group of common action words, each of which opens a door to a realm of wonder and imagination. Come along with us as we clap, jump, dance, and run our way into the fascinating world of language.

Importance of action verbs in kindergarten

Verbs, or action verbs, are the building blocks of language. They give sentences life by generating vivid narratives and images. Learning action words will help kindergarten students communicate their ideas, emotions, and experiences more clearly. This will help them grow their vocabulary as well. These words, from the most basic “run” to the most imaginative “create,” open the doors to storytelling, imaginative play, and comprehension of their surroundings.

action verbs

I create printable PDF resources that help children to learn new things while having fun. You can check the worksheets here on my website or on TPT.

In the above activity pack of action words, I have included flashcards. These flashcards contain image and the word. It becomes easy for the child to associate word with the image.

When the child looks at the action tell them a sentence associated with it. This will develop their communication and listening skills.

Flashcards are a fun, simple and easy way to develop reading skills in your child. These action verbs flashcards are going to be super useful for your child. Do check them out.

Action verbs and sentences

Run: I love running in the park.

Jump: Like a kangaroo, they jump for joy when they are happy.

Hop: Come on kids let us hop like a bunny.

Skip: I like to skip with a skipping rope..

Walk: I love to talk while I walk with my daughter.

Play: I love to play basketball.

Clap: Clap your hands and shake them up in the air.

Wave: It is time say goodbye, wave bye to your friends.

Smile: Greet your friends with a smile.

Eat: Eat fresh fruits everyday to stay healthy..

Combining concept and play is the secret to teaching action words. Kindergarteners are experts at making learning enjoyable, whether it’s a silly “run” to the finish line or a creative “draw” to express their imagination. Teachers and parents can assist kids in expressing themselves and developing strong language skills by incorporating these action words into daily activities. When learning is connected to the excitement of play, its true joy is unleashed.


Children are busy doing deferent action thorough the day. They are eating, drinking, playing, running, jumping. As parents and educators our responsibility is to help them associate these actions to the reading and writing abilities.

Reading and writing independently gives children a sense of confidence and joy.

I hope you found this post helpful. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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