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3 Engaging Activity Books to Inspire Learning and Career Exploration

How can we plan preschool for a 3-year-old?

Activity Books that Inspire Learning and Creativity

If you are looking for fun learning activities for your preschooler or kindergartener to strengthen their reading skills without the screen (no mommy guilt here!), then Animals in the Forest is it!

Animals in the Forest is a book for kids with lots of cute animal cartoons and activities to help them learn new words, spell correctly, and improve their fine motor skills.

This coloring and activity book with animals is just the thing to get kids ages 3 to 6 interested in reading. It’s big and has just the right number of pages.

Animals in the Forest

  • Coloring pages with simple, bold illustrations and color by number and color by letter to build your preschooler’s and kindergartener’s dexterity, focus, and thinking skills.
  • Unscramble and Word Search activities exercise your preschooler’s and kindergartener’s problem-solving skills, memory, focus, and concentration.
  • Maze and Match activities to encourage and build your preschoolers and kindergarteners’ confidence.
  • Comparison activities are great for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Comparison activities have been shown to help teach daily living skills, organize information, and improve reading!
Check out these pages from Animals in the Forest!
Fun, engaging, and attention-keeping!
Add the coloring and activity book Animals in the Forest to your child’s bookshelf, homeschool classroom, library, or learn-to-read kindergarten book collection.

She also gets great reviews. A pre-K teacher at Teach101 said this about the book Animals in the Forest: This isn’t your typical coloring book. There are lots of different things to do there. Each thing you do can teach you something. There are activities like word searches, mazes, coloring, word scrambles, the alphabet, and numbers. As a PreK teacher, this is great for making bulletin boards and finding things to do when it rains.
And Suzan Johnson agrees that this coloring and activity book is great for school and at home:


Andrew Career Day Books

Books for kids can be so much more than just something fun to read. These books can help kids learn, grow, and think about their futures in a lot of different ways. Sometimes they teach the basics, and sometimes they test your creativity. It’s important to choose books that are right for your child, so we’ve put together a list of 3 Children’s Books to Inspire Your Child. These stories will not only teach them about the world around them but will also make them laugh and keep them on the edge of their seats. They will have a bright future!

Here is a new book series to help your child.

The series currently consists of a book about actors and acting, Andrew Learns About Actors.

Teachers and teaching.

Lawyers and “lawyering,”

Engineers and engineering!

Andrew Career Day books are a great way to learn more about the profession and make people aware of it.

By the end of the book, your child will want to find out more about the job and the important people who helped start it.

Available in eBook, paperback, and hardback on Amazon.

Andrew Learns About Actors

Enjoy the first children’s picture book about actors, being, and becoming. Inspired by the author’s son’s curiosity and enjoyment of TV.

What do actors do?


Join Andrew as he learns what an acting career entails.

This is the perfect book to introduce the career of acting to curious readers.

Amazon has it as an eBook, a paperback, and a hardback.

Andrew Learns About Teachers

It was chosen as a Reader’s Favorite and was part of the Literacy Initiative by CBS 11.

Andrew is amazed and excited as he and his mom drive to his first day of school and his mom talks about his new teacher.

What do teachers really do?

Come along with Andrew as he finds out how important teachers are.

It’s the perfect gift for Teacher Appreciation Day and World Teachers’ Day!

Amazon has it as an eBook, a paperback, and a hardback.

Andrew Learns About Lawyers

Recognized by Google as a “popular” children’s book about lawyers! This is the book about lawyers for your kids that you have been looking for!

This makes it the perfect gift for lawyers, gift for law students, and gift for recent law graduates!

Andrew Learns About Engineers

Amazon has both eBook and print versions of the book.

This is a great STEM children’s book that will get your child interested in STEM.

Andrew Learns about Engineers is the fourth book in Andrew’s Career Day series. It is a great book for young children who are just starting out in their careers and want to learn more about what an engineer does.

Complete with phonetic assistance, an easy reader glossary, and diverse and inclusive images and images of engineering pioneers (think Garrett Morgan, Mae Jemison, Katherine Johnson!), your child will begin thinking of a possible career as an engineer and be in awe of engineers. This is the book to inspire STEM!

Andrew Learning about Engineers shows how special and important it is to be an engineer. This makes it a must-have book for National Engineers Week (E-week), World Engineering Day, and any other day that celebrates engineers’ contributions to society and introduces children to the profession.

The FREE learning activities and supplemental lesson plan (for grades K, 1, and 2) that accompany the book, make Andrew Learns about Engineers an easy addition to the classroom!


Books have the potential to be an excellent tool for the development and education of children. There is an abundance of choices available to both parents and teachers, whether it be introducing children to a variety of careers or enhancing their reading abilities through the use of engaging activities. The content of the books that are discussed in this post, such as “Andrew Career Day” and “Animals in the Forest,” is both interesting and instructive, and it has the potential to stimulate children’s imaginative and analytical thinking, as well as their aspirations for potential future careers. Therefore, give some thought to placing these books on your child’s bookshelf or in their classroom library, and then sit back and watch as they embark on exciting new scholastic journeys!

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