5 Benefits of Printable Coloring Worksheets for Children

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Coloring books have been prevalent among kids as well as adults for a very long time. It is one activity anyone can enjoy at home, school, or outside without commotion. Coloring activity is therapeutic as well as it develops focus and calmness. Whenever I am feeling low or stressed out I start coloring.

It is one activity I have been doing since childhood and still I love doing it whenever I get a chance. To be honest, I do get a lot of chances as I make worksheets for kids and test them to see if they have turned out correctly. I have to check everything. In this process, I get to color my worksheets extensively.

When my daughter looks at me she also starts doing it. And to be honest, if we are coloring the same page my daughter’s coloring turns out to be better.

Children should be introduced to coloring from their early years. It helps them to learn to sit and work at a place. Concentrate and develop their imagination.

coloring worksheet

Let me now share some benefits of coloring with you.

  • It enhances fine motor skills. If a child has strong fine motor skills they develop better pencil control. This results in beautiful handwriting and lovely artwork later.
English worksheets
  • Develops creativity in your child. Let them use the colors of their choice. Don’t force them to choose the color of your choice. You never know where on earth the thing they are making actually exists. So, let them explore their creativity. This in turn promotes focus and concentration in kids. It is a very important skill to be taught which is so important when they grow up.
  • So many new words and concepts can be taught with the help of coloring activities. While coloring they can learn how to express themselves and you can teach simply anything that you want you want them to know. While they are having fun coloring.

Different types of worksheets

Nowadays coloring printables, are based on a variety of concepts.

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Shapes
  • Math
  • Language arts
math worksheets

You can pick a topic of your choice and teach your child about it.

I feel printable coloring worksheets are better. As we do not waste the number of pages. An educator or the parent can choose what concept needs to be introduced to them.

Just print one sheet as children have a low attention span. Choose an activity that lasts for 5 minutes to 20 minutes maximum. PDF worksheets give you the ease to print and reuse the material in different ways.

Whereas with books, parents and educators are stuck with the same single way that they need to do.

You can cut the page and stick it on the other page. Write your own instructions. Make your own activity. Use in a variety of ways.

I highly recommend PDF worksheets as children learn with practice and repetition and PDF worksheets check all the above boxes.

You can make these sheets reusable by laminating them or sticking clear tape on them.

This makes them write and wipe-friendly and children love to use write-and-wipe books. Here in this blog post, I have shared how to make any page into a rewritable sheet.

pattern worksheets

Best ways to use these worksheets

Coloring worksheets can be used at different times of the day. You can use them as a warm-up activity. Use them in your lesson plans to provide a fun break. They bring color, fun, and ease to kids.

letter a worksheet

Here are different types of coloring worksheets available.

I love creating worksheets for kids. I have been an educator but due to health issues, I can’t work in schools. I miss being with kids. So, I started creating resources that be with them while I am away from them.

Here are the different worksheets I have made to help your child. They are available on my TPT store. Check them out.


Coloring activity is such a versatile activity. You can color the same thing in so many different ways. Vegetable painting, thumb painting, cotton painting, finger painting, and brush painting. You can use the same sheet in multiple ways. I simply love this activity.

I can never run out of ideas with coloring. Do let me know which way you have colored these sheets the most I mostly end up using sketch pens, markers, and brush pens. What about you? Do let me know in the comments below.

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