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Enhancing Emotional Literacy with a Free Printable Emoji Feelings Chart

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In the digital age we live in now, emojis are becoming a more common way to show how we feel when we talk to each other. Because they are so simple and cute, they can be understood by anyone, no matter what language they speak.

I love using emojis, so today I have a free printable emoji feelings chart that can be a useful tool for learning about emotions, becoming more self-aware, and improving communication. This blog post will talk about the benefits of using a feelings chart and how it can help people understand and talk about their feelings.

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Benefits of using emojis to express feelings

  1. Visual Representation of Emotions: They have become synonymous with emotions, and they offer a simple and intuitive way to represent feelings visually. A free printable feelings chart provides a comprehensive collection of smilies depicting a wide range of emotions, from joy and sadness to anger and surprise. By associating these expressive symbols with different emotional states, children can easily identify and relate to their own feelings. The visual representation of emotions through emojis helps bridge the gap between language and emotion.
  2. Universal Language: Smilies have gained popularity due to their ability to transcend language barriers. They offer a universal language of emotions that can be understood by people from different cultures and linguistic backgrounds. This makes a free printable emoji feelings chart a valuable resource for multicultural environments, classrooms, or even therapy settings.
  3. Engaging and Interactive Learning: Learning about emotions can sometimes be challenging, especially for children who struggle with verbal expression. A printable emoji feelings chart introduces emotions in a fun and engaging way. Children, in particular, are drawn to the colorful and expressive nature of smilies. Incorporating the chart into educational activities or discussions about feelings can capture their attention and make the learning process enjoyable. Additionally, the interactive nature of smilies encourages children to explore and express their emotions openly, creating a safe space for emotional growth.
  4. Vocabulary Expansion: Using a feelings chart encourages toddlers to expand their emotional vocabulary. Each character represents a distinct emotional state, and by regularly referencing the chart, kids can become familiar with the diverse range of emotions and their corresponding symbols. This expands their ability to articulate their feelings accurately, providing them with a richer emotional vocabulary. Such expansion of emotional vocabulary is vital for effective communication, promoting empathy, and developing strong interpersonal relationships.
  5. Self-Reflection and Emotional Awareness: The free printable emoji feelings chart serves as a tool for self-reflection and emotional awareness. By regularly referring to the chart, individuals can develop a habit of checking in with their emotions and identifying how they are feeling at any given moment. This self-reflective practice cultivates emotional intelligence and encourages individuals to become more in tune with their emotional states. It enables them to recognize patterns, triggers, and fluctuations in their emotions, empowering them to navigate their emotional well-being more effectively.

What is inside:

  • Feelings chart, where a child marks his/her feeling of how they are feeling today.
  • Vocabulary flashcards- Here kids learn how to read a certain emotion. Now they can name or label their feelings with the right word and the right spelling.


A free printable emoji feelings chart is a valuable resource for enhancing emotional literacy and promoting effective communication. Do not forget to collect it from our resource library. I have added other helpful resources there too.

With its visual representation, universal language, engaging nature, vocabulary expansion, and encouragement of self-reflection, this set of printable worksheets can be very helpful to kids. So why not print out your own emoji feelings chart and embark on a journey of emotional discovery and growth?

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